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In our range of privacy and respect to our site visitors, we can proudly say that we do not require your personal information when you visit our site. We value your privacy on the internet at all times. Made by BestCasinoNewZealand, our privacy policy shows how important it is to us that we keep your personal information as nondisclosure. 


The policy will show you how we collect information, who we allow access to, as well as the security measures in place to safeguard your privacy. BestCasinoNewZealand never captures your data for private personal identity as it is against our policy. While commenting on our site articles, site accesses particular information about you, and we keep it as confidential as possible. We value your privacy. 

Information Collection and Use

While visiting our site, BestCasinoNewZealand sends you a temporary file, ‘Cookie’, so that we can identify you the next time you visit our website. The cookie is particular to your personal computer, and it helps us enhance your user experience. Upon receiving the cookie files, we make statistical data about your experience on the site to simplify and upgrade our available services. As the site visitor, you cannot ‘accept’ or ‘refuse’ the files as they automatically correct your web browser’s operation while on site. If you need additional information about the location and the use and abolishment of cookies, you can quickly learn about it on the internet.  

Log Data

BestCasinoNewZealand Log Data receives your IP address, web browser statistics, its type, and version. We automatically get log details when you switch web pages regularly. With this information, BestCasinoNewZealand can detect your activity, page attendance, and time spent on our site. As the site visitor, please note that the information on switching your web pages is anonymously saved and is not in any way connected to your personal information. We only monitor this information to improve our design and content on the site, so it’s better for you. 

Third-Party Cookies

At BestCasinoNewZealand, we use third parties services to watch the statistics of our user attendance. These services only use the standard statistical information to enhance our site’s efficiency. We can assure you that we do not collect any data about our concrete users. One of the third parties we use is Google Analytics, a web analytics tool that helps websites serve their clients even better. The Analytics uses its own files ‘cookies’ and keeps the data watching process anonymous. 

With the help of these third parties, we know when you visited the site, how you switched pages, and the time you spent. 

Another third party we use is Disqus, a web service that imports the internet discussions and comments on our site. Its files ‘cookie’ allows you to leave comments on our site articles and events. You can access Disqus via Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Disqus identity check. 

Our Links to Other Websites

We have other links to helpful resources. These links provide our site visitors with additional information as they explore our site. Clients must understand that we are not responsible for the Privacy Policy and competence of these sites.


The website prides itself in high security. We use high-quality security systems to ensure maximum data protection. Following this, site visitors enjoy protection from unauthorized and unwarranted access. 

Changes to Our Privacy Policy 

The website authorities reserve the right to make Privacy Policy changes. Once we make a change, we put the details in a document and publish it on this site. To stay abreast with the changes, we recommend that you regularly visit our Privacy Policy page.  

Contact Us 

In the event of any question or clarification to our Privacy Policy, feel free to get in touch with us through our email.

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