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Our review site is straightforward and convenient to find your preferred casino or gambling content online. Our goal is to ensure that you get a world-class online gambling community through high-quality technology and well-regulated gambling. At BestCasinoNewZealand, we have the vision to regulate and promote a safer online gambling community for the end-users.

Cyril Kariuki
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Cyril Kariuki
Bachelor’s degree in computer science
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“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up"

What Our Review Process Covers

We want you to feel safe when playing at any online casino or gambling facility that we recommend on our site. BestCasinoNewZealand wants you to have a great time while being safe. As we review these casinos, we do so extensively so that you do not hassle. We believe that you deserve the very best.

  • Security and Licensing

We love a safe, secure, and licensed casino. Before we can recommend an online casino, we ensure that it is fully compliant with the required regulations and rules. This assures you the safety of your details and money.

  • Payment Methods

The payment aspect of a casino is a crucial field as it covers making a deposit and withdrawal. Depending on your location or jurisdiction, we assess the available payment methods that are most suitable for you. We want you to feel comfortable cashing in and withdrawing your winnings.

  • Available Casino Games

Understanding the available casino games is a massive aspect for gamblers. In our reviews, we inform gamblers of the online casino software providers and the different game variations. We believe that this helps you make an informed decision.

  • Quality Customer Care                  

Our final concern is the customer service and support available for gamblers. Since it is an online platform, we know that you may encounter issues that need quick assistance. To complete our review process, we check the online casino’s customer care and ensure that you have a beautiful experience. 

More About Our Author

Cyril has originally studied Computer Science and holds a bachelor’s degree in the discipline. However, since he was enticed and sucked into this world, he has never had second thoughts about making this a full-time career. He now lives and works from Kenya as a freelance copywriter, but has personal dreams of growing this new-discovered freelance job and passion locally and share a piece of the pie.

Apart from writing and coding, he also enjoys watching football, playing games, betting and once in a blue moon go on a binge-watching spree of episodes from Breaking Bad. Other than content writing, Cyril hopes to get into the technical part of the iGaming scene and helps in creating apps and software from games to even improving user experience in the market.

Be Responsible

At BestCasinoNewZealand, we commit to giving you the best gambling advice. We review and rate various casinos so that you know what you are getting yourself into beforehand. We want you to play responsibly. As a gambler, it is crucial to understand the value of responsible gambling when playing on your computers and mobile devices. Today, there are so many problems associated with spending too much time online and gambling. We know that problem gambling is a severe mental issue, and it only worsens when you are addicted.

Problem gambling manifests in different signs, but the leading cause is when you spend too much time or money than you can afford to lose. With the understanding of compulsive gambling and what it does, BestCasinoNewZealand commits to support regulated and responsible gambling

Regardless of whatever you are looking for, we have everything you require to gamble safely and responsibly. BestCasinoNewZealand is committed to giving our players the very best information on how they can play.

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